Bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors are a great alternative to French doors. They can be used from a lounge to a conservatory, from a conservatory to a garden, or from a bedroom to a balcony - whatever you choose, they transform the relationship between the interior and exterior of your home.

The bi-folding door folds into a number of separate leaves to provide a complete clear opening. Up to seven leaves can be installed, all of which fold flat on either side of the opening. There are 20 different opening options, with or without the choice of a master door.


The bi-folding door is manufactured from high quality UPVC or aluminium. The doors can be opened inwards or outwards, with a choice of sliding left, right or both ways. Special PVC wheels and high precision bearings, combined with a robust running rail allow the doors to operate easily with a smooth and silent operation. A shootbolt locking mechanism and internal beading ensures maximum security.