Aluminium windows

With a wide range of styles and a choice of colours and finishes our aluminium windows are sure to add a distinctive look to your home.

The elegant, slimline, maintenance-free frames combine traditional looks with modern materials. The double-glazed windows are thermally insulated to minimise heat loss and make them comfortable to the touch. They also reduce external noise and help eliminate draughts.

Choice of styles

You can choose from a wide range of window styles. The windows can also be fitted into timber subframes if you need to match existing window or door styles. The opening windows can be hinged at the side or the top and sash fittings are also available. Glass options include Georgian, leaded and decorative.

Window locking mechanism

Safe and secure

Our aluminium windows combine style and elegance with security - Multi-point locking systems, high security hinges and key locking window handles offer a highly secure barrier to unwanted guests.

The aluminium frames are extremely rigid to resist distortion and bending, plus they're made from a material that doesn't need additional reinforcement. The double glazed sealed units are fixed in place using high security glazing beads which makes them extremely difficult to de-glaze, and virtually impossible to do so if optional security glazing clips are fitted.